Investing in people, companies, and products that benefit the human condition.



PTK Capital is a Los Angeles based family investment fund that invests in people, ideas and businesses that benefit the human condition. The firm’s investment activities focus on the areas of Social/Entertainment, Health Tech/Wellness and Quality Goods (sustainable, excellence in craft and materials and/or health benefits). We invest in companies requiring various levels of involvement, from foundry to direct funds, that share our mission.

Pure Plus (Faves)

Quality Goods

FAVES are a candy made from whole fruits and vegetables. FAVES helps local farmers by upcycling perfectly good fruits and vegetables that get rejected simply because they aren't pretty enough.

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Dreamscape Immersive


Dreamscape, a VR experience like no other. Every adventure will transport you to worlds beyond imagination.

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Health Tech/Wellness

To Give the World a New Way of Seeing Biology by Delivering the Ultimate Sensor-on-Chip Technology to Modernize Health and Scientific Research

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Create experience-driven entertainment at the intersection of digital and physical. Our experiences immerse audiences in surprising and visceral universes that shift how we see, feel, and interact with the world around us.

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We invest in three distinct ways that vary based on our level of participation. We work to find companies committed to gender equity in leadership, diversity, and sustainability. 

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