Kevin Wall

Founder & Managing Partner

Kevin Wall is a long-time early stage founder and investor. Kevin has an established track record of early stage investments including Akamai, Facebook and KeVita among others. Most recently Kevin co-founded Flippers Roller Boogie Palace, a new immersive roller skating venue and Category41, a global experience company and co-founded Dreamscape Immersive, a destination virtual reality experience.   Previously, Kevin created BoxTop Interactive that merged with iXL where he served as Vice Chairman of the Board as the company became one of the largest providers of web development services and eventually went public. In addition to investing, Kevin created and executive produced 100s of concerts including some of the most instrumental activist music events in history, including Free Nelson Mandela, Freddy Mercury AIDS concert, Live 8 and Live Earth, the latter for which he won an Emmy award.  Kevin is deeply committed to using the power of media and impact investing to create a better world for future generations.  Plus, he was a National Champion roller skater as a child and has a passion for skating and music to connect people.

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