Nearly two decades ago (😱), a group of Harvard teammates met playing World of Warcraft (Horde, obvi), and it completely changed the way they looked at teamwork, collaboration, and what was possible using social time online. Even though they were on three different continents at the time, they built real relationships, pwned Alliance noobs together, and became best friends. Now, they’re out to build a massively multiplayer online workplace to power the new world of work.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, the shift to remote and distributed work has unveiled some serious problems in communication, teamwork, culture-building, productivity, and collaboration, on even the best teams. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these problems mirror issues that gamers have solved in order to work together online for gaming (particularly in MMO-land). So, they’re out to apply proven gaming principles to the business world to make remote, distributed, and hybrid work wonderful.

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