HypeVR, parent company of 3NFINITE, is a cinematic live action virtual reality technology company with disruptive innovations that will radically advance how live action VR content is captured, reconstructed and re-experienced. HypeVR is positioned to lead the innovation, development, and integration of the next generation of cinematic live action capture tools for virtual reality.

HypeVR’s flagship virtual reality rig consists of 14 Red Dragon cameras and Velodyne’s HDL-32E, which provides the ability to simultaneously capture all fourteen 6K Dragons at up to 90fps and a 360 degree point cloud at 700,000 points per second. For cinematic VR, this ultra high resolution capture allows HypeVR to work with the highest quality digital image possible and HypeVR’s integration of LiDAR enables a massive 3d model capture of the live action scene. Velodyne’s real-time LiDAR can record depth data at a range of 100 meters with incredible accuracy which allows for HypeVR’s VR capture system to work in any environment

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